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FAQ for Festival Submissions

General Information

1. How do I submit?
Please register from the official website at www.tiff-jp.net/en/
2. When is the deadline for submissions and how much does it cost to submit?
Early Bird 2022 April 20th to June 19th : free
Regular submission 2022 June 20th to July 15th : 3,000 (JPY)
3. Does it make a difference to which deadline I submit?
No. All submissions are processed and viewed in the same manner.
4. Should I choose a section of TIFF to submit my film for?
No. You are not required to choose a section.
The TIFF selection team selects and invites the films presented in the official selection.
5.Do you accept works in progress?
Yes. However, as we cannot guarantee that we can consider an updated version later, we suggest submitting at least an editing--locked version or a version that is very close to the final version.
6.What is your preferred format for submission?
    Do you accept PAL DVD or Blu-ray?
Our preference is a password-protected streaming link such as Vimeo or a DVD (NTSC). PAL DVD or Blu-ray may not work on our players.
We do not accept screening links that require additional software downloads.
7. When and how will I know if my film has been selected?
We notify selection results to ALL submitters via email during September 2022. Please make sure your email address on an entry form is up to date.
8. If my film is not selected, may I speak with a programmer for feedback?
No, unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to correspond with each applicant.


1. Do you accept Documentaries, Animations, or Short films?
Documentaries and Animations are eligible.
Short films are not eligible for any other sections.
Must be feature films (including animation) running over 60 minutes.
2. Does premiere status matter?
    What is International premiere and Japan premiere?
Yes. All films submitted for TIFF maintain at least a Japan premiere, meaning the film has not been screened publicly anywhere in Japan. (theatrical release, festival screening etc.)
World and International Premieres are given priority.
For Japanese films, World Premier is mandatory.
3. May I submit films with a Japanese distributor?
Yes. However, please have their full approval and consensus to submit your film to be screened by the selection committee beforehand.
If you need further assistance after reading this information, please contact us at competition2022@tiff-jp.net.
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