TIFF Newsletter
April 7, 2011
24th TIFF 2011.10.22(sat)- 10.30(sun)
Dear TIFF Friends,

We sincerely thank everyone for all of the heartfelt sympathy, support, and assistance extended to the people of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.

The mission of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is to seek out the finest films from around the world and present the fruits of Japan's culture to the world. In our determination to pursue this direction even in these difficult times, we participated in the HK International Film Festival & HK Filmart in March, organizing the Japan Pavilion with nineteen exhibitors, the Unijapan Entertainment Forum, and the Short Film Screenings.

Through our participation, we have sent out to our friends the message that all the people, regions, and industries that were affected by the twin disasters are making the utmost effort to recover from their present hardships and resume normal lives and operations.

Mr. Li Qianquan, Chairman of the China Film Foundation presented to Mr. Tom Yoda, Chairman of TIFF/TIFFCOM, a letter of condolence from the China All-Artists Union. The letter stated that the proceeds of "Japan-China Film Week 2011" would be donated to the Japanese film industry, which was damaged by the earthquake. Meanwhile, festival participants who attended the March 22 reception donated US$600 (HK$2,000, US$150, THB3,000) for their Japanese friends.

We are deeply grateful for these heartfelt messages and contributions and will make sure that all of the contributions received in Hong Kong are properly and quickly sent to the people in the region affected by the disasters.

While rescue/restoration operations currently are in full swing in the region, other regions, including Tokyo, are returning to normal conditions in terms of energy, transportation, and business.

People are helpless against the power of natural disasters. However, we have good friends and a strong will to overcome adversity. With domestic and international support, the Japanese government and the people of Japan are working together to tackle the devastation and restore normalcy. Please be assured, we will come back stronger than ever.

TIFF/TIFFCOM team will visit, as scheduled, the Cannes International Film Festival in May. We look forward to soon seeing all of you in Cannes!
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