TIFF Newsletter
April 20, 2011
24th TIFF 2011.10.22(sat)- 10.30(sun)

We sincerely thank everyone for all of the heartfelt sympathy, support, and assistance extended to the people of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan on March 11, 2011. ARIGATO.

Call for Entry ‑Deadline July 15th‑

As one of the biggest film festivals in Asia - the 24th edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) will be held from October 22 (Sat) to October 30 (Sun), 2011 at the central of Tokyo, together with the rapidly growing entertainment multi-content business market TIFFCOM, held during the festival at the same venue.

As in the past editions, the Competition Section will highlight selected films created by up-and-coming directors as well as premieres of works by world prestigious filmmakers.
Last year, the Competition attracted 832 films from 76 countries and regions, the record in the history of TIFF, aspiring to win the prestigious Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix.

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"Intimate Grammar"
The 23rd Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix Winner
We will start accepting entries to the Competition from this week, April 20 (Wed) to July 15 (Fri). A summary of the Regulations for the Competition 2011 is provided below.
TIFF looks forward to even a larger number of submissions for this year from around the world.

Regulations for the Competition 2011 (summary)
All films selected and invited for the Competition must meet the following conditions:
① Must be films completed after January 1st 2011.
② Should not have been screened at main competition section of "competitive feature film festivals (non-specialised)" accredited by FIAPF*¹ prior to TIFF.
③ Must have its East-Asian Premiere at TIFF. World and International Premieres are given priority. Japanese films must have its World Premiere.
④ Must be feature films (including animation) running over 60 minutes.
⑤ Documentary films are not eligible.
⑥ Both digital format (in high definition) and 35mm film print, with English subtitles, are eligible as screening material.
The application of these conditions belongs at the discretion of TIFF.
Please refer to FIAPF's official web site for the list of accredited Festivals: www.fiapf.org/intfilmfestivals_sites.asp

The Awards
TIFF will award the following prizes in accordance with the decision of the International Competition Jury who is obliged to award the following prizes:
Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix (for the producer and the director*²)  cash prize of 50,000 USD
Special Jury Prize (for the producer and the director*²)  cash prize of 20,000 USD
Award for Best Director  cash prize of 5,000 USD
Award for Best Actress  cash prize of 5,000 USD
Award for Best Actor  cash prize of 5,000 USD
Award for Best Artistic Contribution  (Photography, Sound, Art Direction, Music, Script etc.)  cash prize of 5,000 USD
The cash prize is to be shared equally by the producer and the director.
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